quarta-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2017

Hoje acordei a pensar na Felicidade (Pensamentos da minha Cara metade)


Hoje acordei a pensar nesta musica.
 E alegria é o que todos queremos

I know I'll never feel the same.
I know I may never accept the change but I want... Happiness.

Staring blank at my screen waiting for a sign, waiting for a smile to come to me.
Everyday the news is dead.
You power drunk fuckers are filling my head with despair.
Happiness. (liars, liars, liars)
Maybe I became too clean.
Maybe the drugs are the only way to be free.
 Oh, happiness.
No breaking the anxiety.
Man did I try to, but could never be faded out with happiness.
Everyday hypocrisy, I see the zombies walking down the street and it kills me, their happiness.
 (liars, liars, liars)
Happiness, Happiness, Happiness, Happiness, Happiness, Happiness. Happiness, Happiness.

"Casal que divide o Blog aumenta a qualidade de vida"
Crónica das Quartas-Feiras no abcdocrime.blogspot.com
Por a-de-alice ( Pensamentos da minha Cara metade)